Day 90: Free Hugs

Challenge: Walking around campus giving out free hugs!

What I am afraid of: Rejection, exposing myself, seeing people I know, campus police telling me it’s not allowed

How it went: Really well!

I’ve known I wanted to do this challenge for about 3 months now. I asked the information desk if it was allowed (See: Day 38) a while ago and they said yes. I was still slightly unsure though. I know the college has rules about freedom of speech, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t breaking any laws. I went to the desk again last night to ask  if it was allowed and they said it probably was but I should double check with Event Services. So this morning I went to Event Services. They pulled up a document detailing “Expressive Activity” and read it to me. Pretty much, as long as I wasn’t causing harm or blocking traffic it would be ok. So that was as much of a green light for me as I needed.

I planned on being out there for an hour, and I walked around the popular parts of campus. I’d say about 60-70% of the people who saw me, rejected me. But that means that 30-40% opened up their arms wide and ran right up to me! It was a lot of fun, everyone was extremely nice. If they didn’t hug me they’d either just avoid eye contact or smile.

I noticed people were more likely to come hug me if I asked them specifically if they wanted a free hug. People were also more likely to come up if they had a friend with them. I didn’t really notice any gender differences, everyone was willing to hug me. A number of people asked what it was for and I told them I was doing it to face my fear and spread the love. 😊 A number of people said that I was really cool and they liked my sign, so that was nice. 😜

Overall, YES, I would do this again. (See my before and after pictures below!)

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 2.12.57 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-17 at 2.13.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-17 at 2.15.59 PM.png


Day 89: Wear Makeup & Bonus

Challenge: Wearing makeup around all day

What I am afraid of: Putting it on wrong, judgement (if it looks bad), people commenting on it

How it went: Spoiler alert: No one cares

In all honestly, this is the fifth time in my entire life I’ve ever worn makeup. No joke. And it’s the second time I’ve done my whole face. I had my friend help me out with this project (thanks C❤️). She pretty much applied 75% of the makeup, but she showed me what she was doing and let me apply some of the eyeshadow. (I did apply eyeshadow… right C?)

Overall, I thought I looked pretty good. It was subtle, but noticeable. This is the first time I’ve worn makeup that’s not for some fancy dance event, so I didn’t look as transformative as I would have thought. It wasn’t uncomfortable to wear today, and I almost forgot I had it on the majority of the day. It was kind of a pain to take off, but that’s probably just from my lack of experience. It didn’t make me a lot more confident which I expected, I was still just me.  I would wear makeup again… if I had time to apply it. I also do not own any makeup and I wouldn’t even know what to buy. Maybe C can help me with that next time. 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.24.52 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.22.07 PM.png


Day 88: Describe Me

Challenge: Asking people to describe me using 2-3 descriptive words

What I am afraid of: Their response, them not being able to think of anything too creative and just calling me “nice”

How it went: In my Job and Internship Strategies class, our book suggested we ask everyone we know to describe us so we know what vibe we are letting off to others. I was kind of uncomfortable having people describe me to my face but am unsure exactly why. I talked to some friends, some who knew me well, and some who did not know me as well. They all came up with something which was good! Some people came up with creative words that I typically wouldn’t use to describe myself which I found interesting! Some people said I was “kind.” No one used the word “nice” which I was pleased with, but I’d like to be more than just that “kind girl.” I think I’ll continue asking people to see what kind of vibe I let off.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.04.43 PM.png

Day 87 (Part 2): Women in Media Lecture

Challenge: Attend a lecture about women in media through the film department

What I am afraid of: Seeing people I know, not knowing anyone, seeing my professor (not sure why I was afraid of that though…), going to the wrong room, showing up too early or too late, embarrassment, feeling like I’m not supposed to be there

How it went: I wasn’t planning on going to this lecture today, but it sounded interesting since I guess, technically, I am a women in media, and I wanted to learn about this filmmaker’s experience making it as a women in the field.

The talk was supposed to be in a classroom, but as I was walking into the building I saw a sign saying that the room had been changed to the lecture hall instead. I was glad they changed it because the lecture hall holds more people and it’s easier to blend in with the crowd.

I arrived at about 5:48 and the lecture started at 6. There was a movie screening before the lecture which I was not able to attend, but when I got over to the lecture hall I noticed some people waiting to get in. I assumed the screening hadn’t gotten out yet so I waited with the other people. I noticed my media I professor talking to someone a few people away from me. She also teaches a class during this time and I’m guessing her class was attending this talk today. Eventually, we got in and I sat down. There weren’t a whole lot of people there (which I kind of expected). I’m pretty sure 90% of the people that were at the lecture were from my professors class because they all kind of sat together and were taking notes. I know the person sitting a few rows down from me was not in her class so I wasn’t the only person there for fun.

In all honesty, it was really awkward the first half of the lecture. The lecture started about 10 minutes late and I didn’t want to just sit there, so I took out my phone and started working on my blog. Again, most of the people there tended to know each other and I did not. Pretty sure everyone there was a junior or senior except for me and the other girl sitting a few rows ahead of me.

For a lot of events like this that I go to, it’s mostly juniors or seniors. Like it’s fine and all, but I wish some more people in my classes would attend too so I would have someone I kind of knew that I could talk too.

The lecture itself was fine. At first she just talked about her life making films and didn’t really get into the sexism of the film industry until about halfway through. It was interesting to hear how she was able to make all of her films and what connections she was able to find. She gave us some specific stories of times when men didn’t take her seriously because she was a women. It makes me wonder how I would react in those cases and I what I would do.

I suppose film, specifically directing, is a male dominated field. My film classes are fairly 50/50 or 60/40 between males and females so I haven’t really experienced any big points of sexism yet while in college. I definitely think my generation is more for equal opportunity and I’m curious to see if by the time I’m out in the working world if I will experience the sexism that this filmmaker has experienced, or if things will have changed by then.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.18.11 PM.png.

Day 87 (Part 1): Be Honest All Day

Challenge: To be honest all day long

What I am afraid of: Telling people things that will make me look bad

How it went: I read this article awhile ago that said that most people lie at least 3 times within a 10 minute conversation. Not huge lies, just little things that will make them sound better to others.

The past few days, before doing this challenge, I have been a little bit more conscious of if I tell lies to see if it would be a scary thing to be completely honest. I found I don’t lie a ton, but, when I do lie, it’s little things that will make me sound “better” to the person I’m talking to.

Today, I tried to be as honest as possible, but at first it was hard to remember that I was doing this challenge. I didn’t tell any lies and I seemed to just talk more and say more things that I actually believed. Today, when people said “how was your day?” I didn’t just say good, I went into detail explaining my day.

Near the end of the day I told people that it was my challenge to be honest all day and to ask me any questions they had. They pretty much just wanted to know my opinion of them which wasn’t anything I haven’t said to them before.

Overall, I didn’t really get a good chance to tell the truth when I would normally lie, but I will be more aware of when and why I lie in the future.Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.46.25 PM.png


Day 86: The Wrong Side

Challenge: Walk on the “wrong” side (aka the left side) of the sidewalk all day (That kind of sounds like a metaphor 🙂)

What I am afraid of: People telling me to move back over to the “right” (aka the right😉) side of the sidewalk.

How it went: This definitely turned into a social experiment and I’m going to turn it into a metaphor for you too. 😎

I saw this post on Facebook a few months ago about how this women didn’t move out of the way for guys (like on a sidewalk), and she was shocked at how many she ran into. I guess the idea behind it is that females generally tend to move out of the way for males, but it rarely goes the other way around. I kind of wanted to test that out for myself, but I decided to not move out of the way for anyone for that day.

Now, on a college campus, everyone pretty much walks on the right side of the sidewalk. Sometimes you get that annoying person in the middle, or that really annoying person that just decides to walk on the left side.

I really did not want to be that really annoying person today. It just felt wrong walking on the left. Especially when there was a lot of people coming towards me and I didn’t move. It was really uncomfortable, I felt like everyone was yelling at me in their heads. No one said anything directly to my face, but I felt bad.

One girl was walking towards me and, even though there was no one on my right side on the sidewalk, she went on the grass to walk around me. Not sure why she did that as opposed to just going around me on the sidewalk.

I did notice that it would (generally) take males longer to move than females out of my way. I also noticed that if I looked distracted while walking (like, looking down at my phone), people would move over sooner than if I looked alert.

It was an interesting social experiment, but I did feel bad about being on the wrong side and feeling like an “inconvenience” for the other people. Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.30.01 PM.png

Day 85: Visit Some Friends Unexpectedly

Challenge: Dropping by to see some friends unexpectedly.

What I am afraid of: Them being too busy to talk to me, showing up at a bad time

How it went: I used to hang out with these friends all the time last year. Now they live in an off campus apartment so it’s a little more inconvenient to just head over to their place now. However, I haven’t seen these people in about 2 weeks now, so I thought I’d stop by unplanned to say hey.

I rang the doorbell and one of my friends answered and quickly welcomed me in. I walked in and two of three of them were there. They were eating dinner so I hung out for a little bit and they gave me a cookie and we got to catch up. It was fun! I should definitely do things like this more often, just to stop by and say hey. 🙂 Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.40.21 PM.png